Monday, 25 May 2015

The Beauty of Lemons

I recently received a huge bag of lemons from my Great Aunt who is lucky enough to own an enormous lemon tree in her beautiful garden.
At this time of year, lemons are in abundance… and I like to think that this is mother natures way of looking after us at a time when colds and flu's are prolific!

The good old lemon is a great source of Vitamin C and does wonders for our immune system.
First thing in the morning I squeeze half a juicy lemon into my water which I drink before I’ve even thought about breakfast and the long list of ‘to-do’s’ that come with getting 3 kids out the door to school and running a small business.
So far, touch wood both I and my family have avoided any dreaded lurgies going around, so I'm feeling very enthusiastic about lemons!

So what does lemon juice do, other than give a good hit of natural Vit C? 
Lemon is also very alkaline in the digestive system which is a great way to ward off a myriad of other health issues. Problems like arthritis, cystitis (most of the ‘itis’ words) stem from inflammation within the body which can sometimes be caused by an acidic system. 
The other great thing about lemon in water is that it helps the kidneys to assimilate water better so that you stay rehydrated for longer.
The production of collagen in the skin requires Vit C so lemons are a great source of anti-ageing!
Antioxidants are abundant in lemons so they help repair damage caused by free radicals.
So next time you go into the beautiful Cove Day Spa and wonder why we ALWAYS have lemon water on offer on our buffet, you will understand why J beauty starts from within!

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