Friday, 30 October 2015

Summer is Lemongrass


One of my all time favourite essential oils is lemongrass! 

I love its fresh citrus aroma. It conjures images of exotic destination Spa Retreats I've had the pleasure of visiting ...massages, palm fronds, warm sunny skies, the ocean gently lapping nearby and the gentle scent of lemongrass! Paradise!

So this Summer, Cove Spa will be filled with the scent of Lemongrass as we try to recreate blissful relaxation within our urban oasis....

Lemongrass also has the following benefits:
It is uplifting and inspiring, increases mental clarity, can reduce pain and inflammation, makes a beautiful healthy hair and scalp blend, as a tonic it assists the digestive system, can kill fungal and bacterial infections and is a terrific insect repellant, not to mention adds a fabulous flavour to Asian cuisine!

I am in the process of making a beautiful lemongrass and spearmint body spray which will be available in-spa soon. As a body spritz it will lift your spirits, relieve fatigue, help with jetlag and energise you. When life gives you lemons, lemongrass is the answer! The perfect pick me up, with a bright refreshing scent.
I have also created one for you bug magnets out there who are looking for natural solutions, (rather than toxic chemical pesticides with DEET) using citronella and lemongrass. Unfortunately this natural alternative is not guaranteed, however mosquito's love my daughter and extensive testing on her definitely deterred these annoying little critters. I also find wearing this spray on my morning runs helps to keep peskie flies off my face.

So if you enjoy the natural qualities of aromatherapy and the benefits of lemongrass as much as I do, you'll love this Summer at Cove Spa and I hope we can take you on your own ideallic sensory journey, through the power of lemongrass.

Please be advised that the pure 100% lemongrass essential oil should not be applied neat to the skin and may cause skin irritations. Pregnant women, those with kidney/liver disease, anyone taking oral diabetes drugs, or anti-hypertensive medications, as well as those who are diabetic and hypoglycemic should consult their doctor before using.